Light a candle, plant a tree.

Pure Unscented 3-1/4" round soy candle with Fern Motif

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New this season are these beautiful handmade molded soy candles with a fern motif.  We love the plant theme and the round shape of these candles.  We will be producing a limited quantity of these candles, but will accept backorders if we are out of stock.  Allow 2-3 days for production time.  

Kind Candles Pure Unscented soy candles have no fragrances added.  They are made from domestic soy wax that is free from pesticides and herbicides -- in fact, the wax is so clean, it is certified Kosher.  If you are sensitive to chemicals, these are the perfect candles for you.  These 11 oz. unscented candles are naturally a creamy white color, we add no synthetic dyes.  We use natural cotton wicks with no lead or zinc.  The candles measure 3-1/4" tall and 3-1/2" wide.